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How do I know which meter is right for me?
Take a look at this helpful comparison chart. Everyone's condition is unique so look for the features that are most important to your diabetes management.
Ashleigh Kuxhangaira: Being Supportive
Diabetes affects the whole family, and it's so important to have a solid team to rely on. Ashleigh shares her tips for being a good support system for loved ones with diabetes.
Get FREE accessories, offers, and tools when you join the ContourCare Program.
ContourCare is a FREE customer support program designed exclusively for CONTOUR® meter users. The program is intended to help you get the most out of CONTOUR® diabetes products and services so that you can better manage your diabetes.
Watch Max Domi light it up with the new CONTOUR® NEXT ONE.
An accurate reading is as easy as RED, YELLOW and GREEN
The new smartLIGHT feature is a brilliant way to get a fast and accurate reading. With one flash of the coloured light, you'll know whether you're within, above, or below your target range.
Second-Chance® Sampling is one more way we help you be remarkable.
Second-Chance® Sampling is one more way we help you be remarkable. Second-Chance® Sampling lets you apply more blood to the same strip, within 60 seconds, if you didn’t get enough the first time. Now you can prevent wasted strips without compromising accuracy.